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Top Croppin'

Nellie LimComment
Jumping on the bandwagon as I braved disgusting stares from CBD people in my crop top and skater skirt. I threw on a military jacket after snapping these outfit shots in case I receive another warning for wearing inappropriate outfits to work :/

Pardon my weird facial expressions in all of my photos. Given my working hours, I find myself constantly chasing day light. Apart from weekends, weekday mornings are the only time I get to take decent photos with natural sun light. I don't know if anyone feels the same, but I find it incredibly difficult to wake up without having sleepy eyes or a puffy face. I was hoping that slathering on an excessive amount of make up will make me look slightly presentable. I guess I was horribly mistaken. On hindsight, Z must really be blinded by his love for me because I don't find my morning grouchy face attractive, at all. I can't imagine waking up to this face every morning for the rest of my life...

Nastygal Cross The Line Crop Tank
LoveBullets Necklace
ASOS Blue Skater Skirt
Nastygal Shoe Cult Zuri Cutout Bootie