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Purple x Tiger Printz

Nellie Lim1 Comment
When ASOS first released their trumpet flare skirt in Blue, Black and White, I was so against getting it because everyone seems to have it. It's like Zara's origami skorts where I paid a ridiculously overpriced amount only to have so many exact replicas of the same skorts and everyone, and I really do mean everyone, was wearing it. To be honest, I really hate to wear a clothing item and then seeing someone along the streets with the exact same item #petpeeve It's like if I wanted a twin, I would've asked my parents for one? Not that it will be physically possible now, but you get my point..

Anyway I digressed. It was not till I saw the purple version and I carted it out immediately! How can you resist such a gorgeous colour? Alright, it's still the same skirt, just in a different colour. Just let me revel in my impulsive guilty purchase for few seconds..?

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ASOS Purple Trumpet Skirt
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