Nellie Lim2 Comments


Nellie Lim2 Comments
I'm beginning to run out of ideas on how I should guide Z to take photos for me :/ Most mornings, Z probably takes 100 photos just to get 10 good photos and they're all of me in the exact same frame. As if 100 similar photos weren't bad enough, I look really animated (and horrifyingly ugly) while talking and making weird hand gestures in most photos because I was trying to guide him on where he should focus on. He's such a sweetheart though, because for someone who hates taking photos he really does try <3 Anyone has good photography tips to share?

Anyway, I still can't get over how cute this feather skirt is. Everyone needs to stop touching them! If not, I'll end up with a normal pink skirt without feathers by the 3rd wear.

New York & Company White Tee
Topshop Feather Skirt
Isabel Marant Heels