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All White Errrthang

Nellie Lim1 Comment
This has got to be one of the most understated and simple, yet sexy white dress I've worn in a long time. I slipped on a nude tube top and wore a sheer kimono jacket over for work in case I get any complaints for indecent dressing.

I've also been putting off wearing this pair of Nine West heels because I couldn't find the perfect dress to pair it with. It looks even more gorgeous in real life, I can't even begin to describe it. This pair of heels came with tacky spikes cascading down from the top chain initially, but I decided to rip them out. As a result, my fingers suffered from painstakingly twisting each of them. (There were 20 of them fyi) On hindsight, I really should've used a pair of pliers. #iamagenius

PS: My camera lens were foggy, which created a mist-like effect on my photos :/ Will improve on them, promise!

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