Scoot On Over, A New Luxury Coming Your Way

Scoot On Over, A New Luxury Coming Your Way
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What better way to experience new luxury than Scoot Biz?

Armed with full leather seats that offer at least 38" (96cm) seat pitch, 22" (56cm) width, 8" (20cm) recline and fully adjustable headrests, as well as 30kg check-in baggage allowance, revamped ScooTV inflight entertainment streamed to your own device, in-seat power, and other privileges, ScootBiz lived up to its commitment of changing the way people travel long distance.

And what really hit the sweet spot was having a piece of Singapore before we landed in Melbourne. Affectionately named as Singapore's 'national' dish, Scoot's Singapore's Signature Chicken Rice was a welcoming treat onboard.

There's no better way to experience this new wave of luxury traveling!