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Nellie Lim x Lacoste - Life is a Beautiful Sport

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I teamed up with Lacoste recently for their latest and highly anticipated “Life is a Beautiful Sport” campaign right here in Singapore on 2 April 2014. If you've seen my Instagram photos, I was actively hashtagging #livebeautifully on my photos to gear up for a Lacoste Instagram contest.

One lucky winner walked away with $300 worth of Lacoste merchandise and was invited to Lacoste's Launch Party - The Beautiful Party which was held at the Lacoste boutique at Wisma Atria Shopping Mall. It was my first launch party and I was so excited to be treated to a showcase of their elegant and fashion-foward Spring/Summer 2014 collection!

The day before the event, my winner (Catherine) and I visited the Lacoste's Flagship Store for our fittings.

 Then it was the launch party! Brought my sister, Nedra along for the event.

Bumped into Kevin, Aarika and their cutest baby, Zola Mae.

With my winner, Catherine who's dressed in a Lacoste's Men's shirt and white kicks.

Having shamelessly stalked Melissa (aka @meltttt) for quite some time, I finally got to meet her!

With Melvin <3 Thanks for having me!

Necessary shot with a yummy model

Stole some shots from the event photographer. Look at me, getting into the groove and trying my hands at deejaying. Don't think anyone appreciated my new found talent :/

A selfie with Catherine and my sister before my outfit shoot.

Oh, I'm also actually wearing a Men's shirt from Lacoste! I've always been a huge fan of men's shirt and I think it's unfair that pretty prints and designs are only available for men's shirts. Then again, maybe it's just me..? 

Always over-accessorising to "feminise" the look.