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Salon Vim x Nellie Lim

Nellie LimComment
Got a K-perm at Salon Vim and I love how I ended up with summer tresses <3 My hairdresser, Ivan Kan says that I'm the first and only girl that has asked for a perm for my full head of hair (from my crown to my ends)! I guess I like to go all the way or not at all haha girls usually opt for a more subtle perm that starts below the ear.

Through countless bad and good perms, I've realised that a perm will only look good if done from the crown. (Disclaimer: that's just my personal opinion). By starting your perm near the crown of your head, your perm will look more natural as the weight from your hair will be pulling and straightening/loosening out the perm on the crown of your head. Your perm will then only "start" slightly above the ears, so you get a nice gentle wave that blends in with your lower voluminous curls.

Also, it helps if you're genetically cursed, or blessed, however you want to see it, with either a thick mane or have hair strands that are thick and coarse. I'm one of the unlucky few people on the planet to be bestowed with both coarse hair strands and a thick mane of hair but Ivan has made it his life goal to remind me that having alot of hair is a blessing. Having thick and coarse hair helps to hold the perm as your hair is already 'texturised' and tends to hold your perm longer than people who are unjustifiably blessed with silky smooth hair. Can you tell I'm bitter lol. Again, this is just my theory after analysing and comparing my friends' beautiful hair to mine. I'm no hairdresser but I'm sure you can decide whether you're convinced with my opinion and theory.

Well, I guess the only hassle of having a perm is having to constantly moisturise your hair. Ivan passed me several hair products (too many actually) as he's really, really concerned about the health of my hair after all the perming and colouring. But after years of having permed hair, I think I'm a pro at maintaining my perm. Ivan was actually surprised I maintained my curls really well #pfftttnofaithinme. I'm probably going to ask Ivan to try something new (or crazy) the next time I visit.

Oh if you're planning a visit to Salon Vim, just drop my name to get a discount :)

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