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Et-i-kit x Nellie Lim | Self-Portrait Asymmetrical Layered Top & Signature Biker Skirt

Nellie LimComment
I love how I'm always discovering new brands via Et-i-kit. It didn't take much for June to convince me that Self-Portrait is a growing label that's becoming exceedingly popular amongst many other bloggers.

Was so honoured when Han Chong, Creative Director and Founder of the Self-Portrait label reposted my IG photo on his IG <3

I think one of Self-Portrait's signature style is the level of detail that goes into each design. Their Signature Biker Skirt is cut in a gorgeous fitted shape and adorned with the classic biker look. I don't think you can see it here but this skirt has the cutest waistband buckles that are actually functional. 

I received the most compliments for their Asymmetric Layered Top and everyone went insane when they found out it's actually a top. Funny how some people assumed my entire outfit was a dress lol.

The mixed textures from the faux-leather and jacquard to the lace scalloped hem line catapulted this top as one of my top wardrobe favourites. I can just stare at it all day <3 It's actually completely sold out on Self-Portrait's site but you can always call up Et-i-kit to check if there're any stocks left! :)

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