Nellie Lim2 Comments


Nellie Lim2 Comments

Oh and look, a family photo with the most beautiful bride x

I was presented with the huge honour of being a bridesmaid for my godbrother's wedding. And being my impressionable self, I was expecting the usual hens night partying/mayhem the night before the wedding. 

Because that's what always happens in the movies, right?

 Well, I spent it begrudgingly, in the office, till an ungodly hour of 


 #AgencyLife. What made it worse was having to leave for the bride's house the moment I laid on my bed.

Don't get me wrong, I love weddings and I love the fact that my godbrother was marrying the most beautiful woman I know. But being awake for 48 hours did


make me the chirpiest person in the world. I also looked super worn-out and puffy in all the photos, and that made me even more annoyed lol. And with all that trouble and exhaustion (especially for the bride and groom), I questioned the purpose of having weddings at all. 

Z and I had several discussions

(I realise we discuss about a lot of issues lol)

about what we really want out of a wedding because we both can't tolerate the formalities, traditions and preparations that goes into a wedding. We respect that there're people involved in our lives who have expectations of what our wedding should be. But we took a stand and convinced ourselves that our wedding should solely be for us. Not for our parents, not for our relatives or friends, not for anyone. Just the 2 of us.


that's intimate, personal and romantic at the same time.


that's inviting and filled with natural sunlight. And of course, with


who really care and know us and are genuinely happy for our celebration. That shouldn't be too difficult to ask for, right?